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Azure 9 Wedding Video Productions based in Schaumburg IL wanted to be #1 for a variety of quality traffic driving keywords and phrases. The service locations are in the TRI-State area, but the marketing is nation wide..

The Video Production Company Marketing Plan:

Search Engine Optimization and Maintenance targeted national wedding video services and performed local targeted marketing that addressed growth in the local Schaumburgland markets..

  1. Target relevant keywords that were more general in scope to increase visibility in Northern Illinois for all services offered now and in the future.

  2. Create Geo-targeted highly focused pages that are optimize for targeted regions and specific keywords.

  3. Provide marketing and be a resource of new ideas for the owner so he can focus on closing business in many locations due to better SEO and great SEM.

As a result, Azure 9 Weddings has realized impressive search engine visibility on  a national level, and controls regional and local markets with TOP ranked #1 results for for all Azure 9 Weddings industry keywords.

The 2001-2011 Results:
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566%   ► Organic Traffic Increase
983%   ► Total Website Traffic Increase
2258% Increased Keywords Traffic

"We had opened our business in 2000 and built our own website and then proceeded to pay other companies to send leads to our web site at a cost of $23,000 a year.


We now pay a fraction of that and enjoy TOP listing in all the ORGANIC search engines. Our business has grown consistently even in this bad economy

Denise and Albert

Azure 9 Weddings

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