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In 2011 social medias impact on the Internets Search Engine Results will help level the playing field for small businesses to capture and dominate their targeted demographic. Social media alone will not replace good quality Search Engine Optimization for consistent results.

There hasn't been a new release HTML since 2000 and HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard, currently under development.SEM and SEO CHICAGO Like its immediate predecessors, HTML 4.01, HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) began work on the new standard in 2004, when the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was focusing future developments on XHTML 2.0, and HTML 4.01.

HTML5 is a response to the observation that the HTML in common use on the WWW is a mixture of features introduced by many specifications and features introduced by web browsers. It will also define a single markup language that can be written in either HTML or XHTML syntax. This will encourage more interoperable and APIs for new more complex web applications.

The new features of HTML5 adds video, audio and canvas elements as well as integration of SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics which will greatly improve the handling of multimedia and graphic content on the web.

Additional new attributes and elements such as 'section', �article', �header- and �nav- are designed to improve the semantic richness of Web documents on the Internet and to improve simplicity of semantic expression.

Small businesses are failing because they have not stayed competitiveThe Chicago Internet Cloud in today's Internet marketplace.


The momentum is building and with HTML 5 and Microsoft Silverlight the Internets application with rich Internet multimedia, animations, and graphics will be the standard in 2011.

The playing filed is changing rapidly now with Google's instant search and there's growing activity with social media on the emerging 4G wirelesses networks. Today's almost instant indexing will certainly have a negative effect on those who refuse to embrace what 2011 promises.

Step up and take action today with my Marketing and SEO tips for 2011

Local Marketing and SEO Tips for Business in 2011

1. Page Title - Title is king!!! Most web developers do not understand the nature of good SEM and SEO and therefore include superfluous data. Be sparse and to the point.

2. Keywords - It's the specific keywords that target your product or service. To secure your ranking results you need to tightly control your verbiage. Carful analysis with an SEM expert will save time and generate revenue faster.

3. Meta Description - Telling the Search Engine Spider what you do and were you do it simplifies the synthesis process on analyzing a web page for content.

4. Content - Creating good content for the Internet is a carefully orchestrated concert written from your Internet marketing plan as the basis. If any of the above are not tightly correlated to crate a clean and concise message to the SE, you will not be a player.

5. Photo Tags - Tagging photos that contain keywords to improve keyword density.

6. Internal Links - Helping the SE Spider to navigate your website is Building Qaulity Internet LinksESSENTIAL! A Logical Hierarchical approach is absolute necessary for creating proper pathways inside your website. If a good SEM plan was followed and implemented then this resolves itself.

7. External Link Building - Link building strategies from directories, social media sites, blogs, and websites create points of entry and statistical data building in the SE Database. The Keyword or phrase used in the link and it surrounding content is vital to the success of any link building campaign. Reinforcing this linkage system is an on going process.

8. Web Page Load Times - We live in an impatient world, so faster is better and within the real of the Internet this is especially true. I believe the page is fast when you do not have to wait to see the results after a mouse click. That's why we only build hand crafted website with compact HTML and CSS that load in less then 500ms. Most load in 1/5th of a second. That is FAST! And when it comes to a SPIDER- He likes to move quickly so that the spider can cover more websites in a 24hour period. The SE spider allocates only a few seconds per crawl, so speed is another ESSENTIAL to top ranked positioning.

9. Crawler Frequency - Determines how often your pages are being crawled and now a days it's about once every 21 days or so for a most websites. News sites and Blogs are crawled and ranked very quickly because of there nature of being updated regularly and their XML sitemaps directing the spiders search through the website. A spider will return for new content, so plan to update on a schedule to the SE spider can sync to you.

10. Mobile Friendly - Chicago Internet MarketingWeb sites that are not mobile friendly will lose visitors because we have become a mobile dependent society and want it now! Give them what they want.

11. Local Search - Local search with Google Places is becoming the default for many industry specific searches and has changed the way that people feel and trust the results from maps.

Thank you for your interest in the Internet and learning about how we can help you grow your business.

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