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Fast On Site Computer Repair Company of Glen Ellyn and Elmhurst IL needed to increase website traffic with quality targeted keywords service all of Northern IL with brick and mortar service locations and their online VIRUS REMOVAL system.

The Computer Repair Company Plan:

Search Engine Optimization and Maintenance designed an Internet Marketing Plan that targeted all local market and we are now working to capture a national market over the next 12 months.

  1. Target relevant keywords that were more general in scope to increase visibility in Northern Illinois for Virus Removal, LCD Screen Repairs and Computer Data Recovery.

  2. Generate new geo-targeted keyword focused pages that are optimize for location and function.

  3. Improve marketing with new ideas on closing business in more locations due to better SEO and great SEM.

Initial results on Fast On Site Computer Repair has realized impressive search engine visibility and is now controlling regional local markets with #1 ranked pages for for Fast On Site Computer Repair Revenue generating industry keywords.

The 2011 Results: We are only 3 months into the program and should have data soon...
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265   % Organic Traffic Increase
1314 % Total Website Traffic Increase
2457 % Increased Keywords Traffic

"Now when you search online for "computer repair" in the towns that we have offices, WE COME UP HIGH ORGANICALLY.

Chicago SEO service Computer CompaniesThat's the bottom line result that we needed, and that's what delivers...


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity." 

Amit Mehta

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